Italy through my travel experience and eyes

​” Ladies and gentlemen, kindly fasten your seatbelts as we prepare  to land, thank you “

Best words to hear after getting away from your job’s responsibilities, routine and daily family tasks.

My journey starts here, at Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport. Welcome to Italy .

My friends and I took our baggage and we directly went to the Taxi 🚕 that is gonna transport us to the hotel located at ” Como town” to have some rest after a long flight from ” Beirut_Lebanon –> Istanbul_Turkey –> Bergamo_Italy “.

Taking the road to ” Como town” ,  I noticed a Green invasion from the mother nature to the open fields and landscapes! We had some rest and it’s the time to go out to start exploring the ” Italian treasure “.
1- First stop: ” Lecco Town “

A small town with a mesmerizing view toward a mountain 🗻 touching the sky from one side and a lake from the other side. You can’t visit it without enjoying a walk between its neighborhoods. While walking, we saw many restaurants and by chance we chose one where we tasted the first ” Real Italian Pizza 🍕 “.


2- Second stop: ” Como Town “

It must be the first place to be visited but it wasn’t. While walking 🚶 next to the corniche at night , we tasted the ice-cream 🍦 ” Gelato in Italy ”                   [ Unforgettable taste!! ] in order to get some freshness .

3- Third stop: ” Florence City “

You can’t come to Italy  🇮🇹  without visiting the magical and the historical city ” Florence ‘Firenze’ “. There, we started our journey by a mistake ” wasn’t the only one” that turned into unforgettable memory. We parked the car 🚗 in front of a sushi 🍣 resto in which we didn’t take a note of its name and that was our first mistake, how shall we come back?!

Nevermind, when we reached Duomo di Firenze we forgot the problem to start enjoying the fascinating architecture aging around 2 centuries!

A strategic tower 🗼 of 414 steps is calling us! Climbing the tower was worthy, especially with the exclusive 360° view it hides. All Florence is in front of us ” How lucky we are ” a large city surrounded by mountains is welcoming us by a smooth wind “. Now we turned our direction to a bridge connecting the 2 separated parts of a city cut by a river. There you’ll notice the modern style of buildings ” Very beautiful facades “.

After having croissant for breakfast, we got some help in order to  reach the car. Now it’s time to go home 🏡 in a small neighborhood located on a hill covered by trees.
4- Fourth stop: ” San Gimignano, Pisa Tower and Portofino”

San Gimignano, a piece of heaven where grapes 🍇 hills  are completely within your sight in all directions! Amazing, beautiful and magical are not enough to describe the views there. Another thing making this village a must visit is the production of wide varieties of olive oil coming in different tastes. 

Pisa Tower, an engineering fault that turned into one of the most awkward human made wonders. Mostly everyone is taking a shot like she/he is supporting the tower from a fall that would happen without their help and “I’m one of them “.

” Portofino “ the name itself defines the nature of the place. A beautiful location near the water and by 5 minutes far from a mountain, what a place! Took few low-light photos because we were too busy to go to Rome, the capital.

5- Fifth stop: Rome city, the capital.

Our day started at “ Colosseo “, huge building, amazing architecture and such an incredibly detailed structure! There, you can only imagine how tough the life was. A large place in the mid of a stadium makes it perfect to everyone for watch a fight competition maybe, a dancing or music show, who knows, everything is possible. When you leave the site, you’ll start to ask yourself, how was the building constructed? What technologies did they use! Only questions with no specific answers.

” Drop a coin and make a wish” that’s the slogan of  “ Fountain ⛲ di trevi”. A crowded place sharing peaceful vibes, people taking selfies, enjoying the clear and blue water, are all you need for a perfect 👌 touristic tour.


” Vatican city” , the country inside the city. Once you’re in there, you can feel the inner peace ✌.


6- sixth stop: Naples city

We were welcomed by car’s engine failure; “No problem, said no one”. We spent 3 hours searching for the solution and our phones batteries were empty, but suddenly with a touch of magic, we fix nothing than having a rest in a hotel 20 mins far from the car. What a day! :p

Waking up earlier to check any gas station or carage there, we got the right help and the right car maintenance and now we are going to Naples airport to welcome 4 other friends coming from Bergamo and we all were very interested to discover Naples gems. The most thing we enjoyed in the city was a long walk throughout the city’s neighborhoods while seeing the city’s landmarks. We also visited ” Castle Nuovo “ and there we bought some souvenirs to bring  it back to Lebanon


7- Seventh stop: The jewelry of Mediterranean Sea ” Amalfi coast and town”
That place is strongly engraved in our memory. My brother and I left our friends enjoy a smooth swim while we went to the old town to see what it hides. First, we checked ” Duomo di Amalfi “, incredibly constructed in a way touching the sky! We followed the stairs between the local markets, Ta Da! An enormous mountain 🗻 is guarding the town from the north and a sea from the south.

    Next and the last stop ” Unfortunately ” is Sicily.


8- Eigth stop: Sicily island

” Palermo and balestrate” . Whatever I say about those two destinations wouldn’t be enough! Charming, calm with heaven’s touch on earth. Whether you like swimming 🏊 in the sea 🌊 or not, you’ll surely make memories about that place! The wind was strong enough not to swim so we decided to make a bicycle  🚲 ride around the town in front of a neighboring mountain 🗻 .

“Palermo”  is the  city that never sleep!

By chance, a girl enjoying her birthday invited us to join her party because her drunk friends weren’t so active. The girl had fun and finally we made her birthday unforgettable! I love the generosity of the people there! #Cheers

It’s our last night in Italy , we prepared our baggage 💼 and we had a “Lebanese dinner / Tawook, hummus, fattoush and fries” cooked by us. Priceless memory for the whole life!

Good bye Italy,  you’ll be missed.

Thank you for reading my first post (=

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